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Tape Letters

Tape Letters

An oral history project aiming to identify, collect and archive messages sent on cassette tape in the 1960s through to the 1980s by families who migrated to the UK from Pakistan between 1950 and 1970. The project seeks to unearth, archive and re/present a portrait of the cultural heritage of Punjabi (specifically Potwari dialect) speaking […]

Brunel performance w:Anthony Elliot


A performance involving digital and analogue oscillators with Anthony Elliot performed as part of a weekend-long festival of sound and image co-organised by EAVI and CRISAP, presented in the Brunel Museum in Rotherhithe, London

Brunel - Seven Sisters installation

Seven Sisters

A multi-speaker sound diffusion piece installed at the Brunel Tunnels, Rotherhithe London, involving seven vintage test tone oscillators assigned to seven individual speakers

Always Optional

Always Optional

‘Always Optional’ involves the sonification of a selection of poems from the ‘Happiness’ collection by poet Jack Underwood. The piece is an intermedium between literature and sound-art, and is posited as a ‘text-sound-art’ or ‘’text-sound-composition’ piece as defined by the Fylkingen society for experimental music and arts, founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 1933. The poems […]

Tempting Failure


‘CrossingLines’ is an improvised vocal and sound-drawing performance involving extended vocal techniques with sculpture-sound-printing rheostats to explore a balance between all-gate square wave generators that allow on-off vocal input. In collaboration with Anthony Elliott.



In collaboration with Zoë Valls at the Konvent Puntzero, Berga, Barcelona, Spain.

Moon RA pic 1

Moon RA

As part of the Moon RA improvisatory drone-collective in a four hour piece titled ‘As Above, So Below’ performed in the crypt of St John the Baptist church in Bristol, in response to a rare celestial event of the solar eclipse, a super/perigee moon, and the spring equinox, England 2015.

Vgn Tate modern

Vgn Dentata Organ

as part of Albert Serra’s preview of ‘Singularity’ at the Tate Modern. A drum procession led by Vgn Dentata Organ/Jordi Valls

Grasshoppers soundbox


A sound exploration playgroup for children in Early Years (ages 3-5), Key-stage 1 (ages 5-7) and Key-stage 2 (ages 7-11). The intention is to instil a sense of careful listening and sonic curiosity, without the formalities of traditional musical discourse. More information available on the project website:


Directed by Alice Tatge and Therese Steele, DYAD is a dance/live art performance. The piece is a work on duality and is an exploration into the elasticity of boundaries and the overlapping of identities. Performed at the Freud Museum, London.

Love Hate and Everything in Between

documentary directed by Alex Gabbay exploring the nature, role and relevance of empathy in society today

Musica Dispersa

voiceNoise : improvised collaborative performances

at Musica Dispersa, London:   with Joel Cahen at MK2 Gallery, London : with Colin Hacklander and Frederik Olofsson at NK, Berlin : with Guy Harries on Resonance FM, London : with John Mackenzie at Stubnitz, London : with Colin Hacklander at Piksel, Bergen, Norway :           with Joel Cahen at […]

eye for an ear - berlin

lecture at Eye for an Ear festival

a lecture titled ‘Transmodality and the Sonic Body’ given at NK Berlin as part of the ‘Eye for an Ear’ festival    

the Voyage of Ulysses

i did the voice-over for an iOS app developed by Elastico App :  

Uniform collage1 copy


Uniform is a trio comprised of Alice Kemp, Yoshi Shinagawa, and Wajid Yaseen, presenting improvised electroacoustic performances.



endlessly mutating lineup : Sexton Ming, Ludella Black, Bongo Debbie, Dick Scum, Wajid Yaseen, Kim-Leigh Pontin, Lolo Wood, Ashley Davies, Kirsten Reynolds, Rob Lewis, Lewis Richardson, Roger Carne, Debbie Smith, Professor Blinding, GG Jailbait, Mickey Hampshire, Terry Edwards  

Just Trial and Error

Documentary directed by Alex Gabbay : conversations on consciousness


Project Dark – The Singles Club

SIN0065 – “Return to rightful owner/cutting room flaws” – copper mastering swarf 7″ – single edition of 10

In Praise of Folly -1

In Praise of Folly

Directed by Athina Vahla A rich and evocative piece of dance theatre inspired by the intrigues of Renaissance art. In Praise of Folly is pervaded by a powerful sense of beauty coupled with a constant potential for destruction. The work draws its theme from Erasmus’s In Praise of Folly, a satire based on the religious […]

marp - king of junk

King of Junk

modelling as part of the King of Junk series, examining the role of fashion as identity and communication, directed by Marianne aka MarpLondon

Instructions for Use

directed by Alice Tatge, in collaboration with Chris Crickmay

Concerto for Voice and Machinery 2

Concerto for Voice and Machinery 2

directed by Jo Mitchell Concerto for Voice & Machinery II was a one-off performance specially commissioned by the ICA as part of their re-enactment programme. I re-enacted the role of Frank ‘Fad Gadget’ Tovey

Suka Off - White Room

The White Room

directed by Suka Off  


Memento Mori

directed by Athina Vahla a site-specific project created in 2005 for Candoco Dance Company and Greenwich Dance Agency and influenced by research in Italy on Western religious iconography. Supported by Candoco and guided by curators from the National Gallery and the Courtauld Institute.


The Windows were Walled

Directed by Gail Sneddon and Athina Vahla : A promenade performance that animated the hidden spaces of the magnificent 1930’s Greenwich Borough Hall. The piece drew inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s Alice Through the Looking Glass and used the element of glass as a lens through which to view a world that oscillated between reality and […]

dog ear

Project Dog Ear

directed by Gail Sneddon a dance film piece based on research conducted around the idea of transplanting the inner ear of a dog into the inner ear of a human!johnny-dog-ear/c3kx

spaces between

Spaces Between

Directed by Athina Vahla A site-specific work for the foyers and public spaces to celebrate the re-opening of the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre taking as its starting point the Festival of Britain in 1951 and traced post war British society to the present day. The six floors of the Royal Festival Hall became the […]



an irregular meeting place for sound artists to present work-in-progress

domenico shuffle card

Sonic Shuffle

directed by Domenico Sciajno : An interdisciplinary performance played live by digital artists, electronic musicians and dancers following a specially crafted synergetic score



a public destructivist event, co-founded with Joel Cahen :



OpenSound is a pan-European project involving the exchange of knowledge between a number of partner organisations with the aim of introducing sonic arts practices to a wider non-specialised audience. This has led to to workshops, performances, installations, and debates in the various host countries, bringing together different methodologies and highlighting different approaches bound by cultural […]

2nd Gen

2nd Gen

pic by Steve Gullick



A collection of musical graphic scores derived from an exploration into Number-Form synaesthesia, in particular a recently identified sub-type termed Magnitudal-Spatial synaesthesia. Magnitudal-Spatial synaesthesia suggests an innate number-form perception that involves not only the visualisation of numbers mapped into distinct spatial locations, but includes non-symbolic magnitudes such as sizes, length, clusters, and even luminance. The process […]

performers house

Performers House, Silkeborg, Denmark

a two-week teaching session introducing sonic arts practice to performing arts students with backgrounds in dance, theatre, circus, and music  

ear cinema

Ear Cinema

Ear Cinema is a multi-disciplinary performance project incorporating film, various sound diffusion techniques, and live performance. The project is aligned with the ‘Expanded Cinema’ movement; a film and video practice which activates the live context of watching by transforming the traditional architectures of cinematic reception into sites of immersive experience that are heterogeneous, performative and […]

i am a believer

I Am A Believer

A live-art performance piece directed by Reza Aramesh, choreographed by Tom Dale, exploring themes of migration, desire and power, particularly their relation to issues of cultural constructs in our society. The piece is based on the Changing of the Guard ceremony and involved thirty two men using the symbolism and movements of the actual ceremony brought […]

ghost quartet

Ghost Quartet

A double viola string quartet piece diffused via transducers into wooden chairs. Each chair is allocated a separate instrument. Installed as part of Audiograft Festival, Oxford, 2012. Cello played by Greg Duggan, Viola and Violin by Alessandro Librio. Ghost Quartet arrangement (all 4 channels bounced to stereo)

acoustic laptop

Acoustic Laptops

Acoustic laptops are wooden boxes with various found objects attached, springs, cables, stones, rubber, metal, etc and amplified by piezo contact mics

piano destruction

Piano Destruction

a link to a text written on the history of piano destruction :   Piano crushing at the Kirkaldy Testing Museum, London. Filmed and edited by Ana Godinho de Matos at ChameleonEye Films

Kairos no 9 at the Muesum, Berlin

  Καιρός no 9. Wajid Yaseen Number nine in a series of exhibitions and events. Kairos (καιρός) is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment (the supreme moment). The ancient Greeks had two words for time, chronos and kairos. While the former refers to chronological or sequential time, the latter signifies a […]



a participatory/interactive sound installation incorporating 81 ostrich feathers providing a tangible user interface


Project Preservation

directed by Gail Sneddon


16 Frames

directed by Nic Sandiland – an interactive installation next to Hungerford Bridge, along the Southbank, London commissioned as an education project by Candoco Dance Company


Project Lustmurder

directed by Gail Sneddon


Project Duped

directed by Gail Sneddon


Project D5

directed by Gail Sneddon



Discography: 2nd Gen – Noise Sculptures EP – Flo Records 2nd Gen – Atomic Fireballs compilation – Flo Records 2nd Gen – ‘Irony Is’ – album – Novamute Records 2nd Gen – And/Or – EP – Novamute Records 2nd Gen – Against Nature – EP – Novamute Records 2nd Gen – Musicians are Morons – […]