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Brunel performance w:Anthony Elliot


A performance involving digital and analogue oscillators with Anthony Elliot performed as part of a weekend-long festival of sound and image co-organised by EAVI and CRISAP, presented in the Brunel Museum in Rotherhithe, London

Tempting Failure


‘CrossingLines’ is an improvised vocal and sound-drawing performance involving extended vocal techniques with sculpture-sound-printing rheostats to explore a balance between all-gate square wave generators that allow on-off vocal input. In collaboration with Anthony Elliott.



In collaboration with Zoë Valls at the Konvent Puntzero, Berga, Barcelona, Spain.

Moon RA pic 1

Moon RA

As part of the Moon RA improvisatory drone-collective in a four hour piece titled ‘As Above, So Below’ performed in the crypt of St John the Baptist church in Bristol, in response to a rare celestial event of the solar eclipse, a super/perigee moon, and the spring equinox, England 2015.

Vgn Tate modern

Vgn Dentata Organ

as part of Albert Serra’s preview of ‘Singularity’ at the Tate Modern. A drum procession led by Vgn Dentata Organ/Jordi Valls

Musica Dispersa

voiceNoise : improvised collaborative performances

at Musica Dispersa, London:   with Joel Cahen at MK2 Gallery, London : with Colin Hacklander and Frederik Olofsson at NK, Berlin : with Guy Harries on Resonance FM, London : with John Mackenzie at Stubnitz, London : with Colin Hacklander at Piksel, Bergen, Norway :           with Joel Cahen at […]

Concerto for Voice and Machinery 2

Concerto for Voice and Machinery 2

directed by Jo Mitchell Concerto for Voice & Machinery II was a one-off performance specially commissioned by the ICA as part of their re-enactment programme. I re-enacted the role of Frank ‘Fad Gadget’ Tovey

i am a believer

I Am A Believer

A live-art performance piece directed by Reza Aramesh, choreographed by Tom Dale, exploring themes of migration, desire and power, particularly their relation to issues of cultural constructs in our society. The piece is based on the Changing of the Guard ceremony and involved thirty two men using the symbolism and movements of the actual ceremony brought […]


Project Preservation

directed by Gail Sneddon