an irregular meeting place for sound artists to present work-in-progress


Sonic Shuffle

directed by Domenico Sciajno : An interdisciplinary performance played live by digital artists, electronic musicians and dancers following a specially crafted synergetic score

domenico shuffle card



OpenSound is a pan-European project involving the exchange of knowledge between a number of partner organisations with the aim of introducing sonic arts practices to a wider non-specialised audience. This has led to to workshops, performances, installations, and debates in the various host countries, bringing together different methodologies and highlighting different approaches bound by cultural tradition and bound by the special interests of each organisation. Each organisation has held week-long meetings inviting specialised and non-specialised approaches to sound arts practice.
The organisations involved are :

AntiTesi – Italy –, Audiolab Arteleku – Spain –, Granular – Portugal –, Piksel – Norway –, APO33 – France –, Modus Arts – UK –, NK – Germany –

Opensound is kindly funded with the help of the European Life Long Learning program by Grundtvig.

Acoustic Laptops

acoustic laptop

Acoustic laptops are wooden boxes with various found objects attached, springs, cables, stones, rubber, metal, etc and amplified by piezo contact mics