2nd Gen – Noise Sculptures EP – Flo Records
2nd Gen – Atomic Fireballs compilation – Flo Records
2nd Gen – ‘Irony Is’ – album – Novamute Records
2nd Gen – And/Or – EP – Novamute Records
2nd Gen – Against Nature – EP – Novamute Records
2nd Gen – Musicians are Morons – EP – Novamute Records
2nd Gen – ‘Flicknives’ – album – Quatermass Records
Uniform – ‘Protocol’ – album – Planet Mu Records
Uniform – Not a Word – Ad Noiseam Records

Compilations : 

2nd Gen : 

‘Sunshine and all the bollocks that goes with it’ on No More Rock n Roll album – Make Some Noise Records
And / Or’ on Genetically Modified album – Streetbeat Records
‘Exist Slowly’ on Welcome to Execrate album – Leaf Records
‘Black Spring’ on Sonic Mook Experiment – Future Rock n Roll -Blast First Records
‘Post Modern Martyrs’ on D-Side19 – D Side Records
‘Statutory Angels’ on Collision Course album – PIAS Records
‘The Arrival of Suppression’ on Atomic Fireballs album – Flo Records

Uniform : 

‘How to Destroy a Piano’ – Various Artists : Expedition_2 – ER CD14 : CD Compilation from Everestrecords, featuring tracks from Op rechts/Matu, [Sic], Softland, Falls of Mute, Uniform and more…

‘A Second Between What is And What Was’ – Various Artists : My Life In An Insulation Test  – ELAP01 : CD Compilation from Appliance Japan/Electr-ohm, featuring Sonic Area, After Birth, P.A.L, Germseed, Uniform and more…

Various Artists : Bend It Like Beckett : CD Compilation from Soundworks, 100 x 1 minute tracks by 100 different artists commemorating the Beckett centenary curated by Danny McCarthy on behalf of Art Trail featuring tracks by Scanner, Richard Crow, Martin A Smith, David Toop, The Ciunas Quartet, Uniform and more…

Various Artists : Ad Noiseam 2001-2006 – ADN60 : 2 CD and 1 DVD box set from Ad Noiseam, featuring tracks from Uniform, Bong-Ra, Andrey Kiritchenko, Cdatakill, Tarmvred, Detritus, Mothboy, 2nd Gen, Larvae and more…

Various Artists : Recreation-X Display Disobey – CDV016 : 2 CD compilation from Urbcom Records, featuring tracks from Uniform, Jerico 1, Sudden Infant, Biodrone, Kyosuke Tokanaga, Awax, Somatic Responses and more…

Various Artists : Tonal Destruction – DTA 017 : 3 CD compilation from DTA Records, featuring Uniform, Hypnoskull, Mlada Fronta, Cell Auto Mata, Magwheels, Cordell Klier, Mago, Wilt and more…

Various Artists : The Birth of Industrial Cool – 23HZCD8 : CD compilation from 23Hz Records, a remix album with all sound sources taken from the Arlov sugar refinery in Sweden featuring Uniform, Scanner, Hakan Libdo, Lowfour, Apparat and more…

Various Artists : Uncertainty Device – WASPFAC028 : CD from Wasp Factory Records, an album of Leechwoman tracks remixed by Uniform, Ambassador 21, Germseed, Aphasic, Hydra, Needleye and more…

Production : 

Scalper – ‘7th Thief’ EP – Flo Records
Made in Britain – ‘Scalper’ EP – Flo Records
Leechwoman – ‘Three3Zero’ – album – Quai Loh Records
Meira Asher – ‘Spears into Hooks’ – album – Crammed Disc Records

Remixes : 

Venetian Snares
Robert Miles