A collection of musical graphic scores derived from an exploration into Number-Form synaesthesia, in particular a recently identified sub-type termed Magnitudal-Spatial synaesthesia. Magnitudal-Spatial synaesthesia suggests an innate number-form perception that involves not only the visualisation of numbers mapped into distinct spatial locations, but includes non-symbolic magnitudes such as sizes, length, clusters, and even luminance.

The process involves the transposition of architectural space to sound space revealing mathematical continuity, connectedness and convergence – a process being presented as Sonic Topology. These images have been collected in Palermo Sicily, Favignana Sicily, San Sebastian Basque/Spain, Lisbon Portugal, Bergen Norway, London, England and Berlin Germany between 2011 & 2013

Reflecting the diverse and idiosyncratic nature of cognitive synaesthesia, one of the images – DotScore#16,  is accompanied by musical and sonic interpretations of the score by the following artists :

Yumi Hara Cawkwell, Charles Poulet, Gisle Fr√łysland, Martin A. Smith, Charles Hayward, Alice Kemp, Helen Frosi, James Cauty, Colin Hacklander, Farah Hatam, Guy Harries

And will be presented as part of the Noise and Whispers exhibit at the GV Art Gallery, London :

Modus Arts