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Seven Sisters

A multi-speaker sound diffusion piece installed at the Brunel Tunnels, Rotherhithe London, involving seven vintage test tone oscillators assigned to seven individual speakersContinue reading «Seven Sisters»

Always Optional

‘Always Optional’ involves the sonification of a selection of poems from the ‘Happiness’ collection by poet Jack Underwood. The piece is an intermedium between literature and sound-art, and is posited as a ‘text-sound-art’ or ‘’text-sound-composition’ piece as defined by the Fylkingen society for experimental music and arts, founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 1933. The poems […]Continue reading «Always Optional»


A collection of musical graphic scores derived from an exploration into Number-Form synaesthesia, in particular a recently identified sub-type termed Magnitudal-Spatial synaesthesia. Magnitudal-Spatial synaesthesia suggests an innate number-form perception that involves not only the visualisation of numbers mapped into distinct spatial locations, but includes non-symbolic magnitudes such as sizes, length, clusters, and even luminance. The process […]Continue reading «SpaceScores»

Ear Cinema

Ear Cinema is a multi-disciplinary performance project incorporating film, various sound diffusion techniques, and live performance. The project is aligned with the ‘Expanded Cinema’ movement; a film and video practice which activates the live context of watching by transforming the traditional architectures of cinematic reception into sites of immersive experience that are heterogeneous, performative and […]Continue reading «Ear Cinema»

Ghost Quartet

A double viola string quartet piece diffused via transducers into wooden chairs. Each chair is allocated a separate instrument. Installed as part of Audiograft Festival, Oxford, 2012. Cello played by Greg Duggan, Viola and Violin by Alessandro Librio. Ghost Quartet arrangement (all 4 channels bounced to stereo)Continue reading «Ghost Quartet»

Piano Destruction

a link to a text written on the history of piano destruction :   Piano crushing at the Kirkaldy Testing Museum, London. Filmed and edited by Ana Godinho de Matos at ChameleonEye FilmsContinue reading «Piano Destruction»

Kairos no 9 at the Muesum, Berlin

  Καιρός no 9. Wajid Yaseen Number nine in a series of exhibitions and events. Kairos (καιρός) is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment (the supreme moment). The ancient Greeks had two words for time, chronos and kairos. While the former refers to chronological or sequential time, the latter signifies a […]Continue reading «Kairos no 9 at the Muesum, Berlin»


a participatory/interactive sound installation incorporating 81 ostrich feathers providing a tangible user interfaceContinue reading «Featherbox»

16 Frames

directed by Nic Sandiland – an interactive installation next to Hungerford Bridge, along the Southbank, London commissioned as an education project by Candoco Dance Company reading «16 Frames»